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September 17th, 2011
özgür koca

ACL Manager, access and security, back-end and complete access control

ACL Manager is a clean, simplified an overview of all access all your Joomla site for users and user groups. Manage all your Joomla ACL settings, user groups and users from one side. ACL Manager makes it easier to understand and work with the Joomla system ACL.

A summary screen clean

Only a clear vision is necessary to understand all the access rights of your Joomla site. Clear symbols help to understand the values and to identify conflicts. ACL Manager is a powerful ACL panel.

ACL Manager Download Plugin

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ACL Manager is a clean, simplified an overview of all access all your Joomla site for users and user groups

Understanding Joomla ACL

Dozens of screens allows nested user groups inherit permissions settings "denied" an action that always wins … which can be very confusing. Use the ACL Manager and quickly understand the true power of Joomla ACL!

Easy configuration of the ACL

A typical Joomla! It consists of dozens of extensions and product categories, permissions can be set to separate screens. With ACL Manager lets you manage all settings allow one single screen.

Built for Joomla (1.6 and 1.7)

The ACL manager was for Joomla 1.6 and Joomla 1.7 and Joomla system developed with the native ACL. No core / database changes / adjustments are needed to display data in a powerful ACL and of course, with the ACL Manager.

User Group Permission Vision

The ACL Manager gives you a clear overview of all possible configuration allows each core Joomla User Group (nested). The hand-side bar displays additional information about the group, as all assigned users.

Summary of the user's authority

Users in multiple groups of users? No problem for the ACL manager! See exactly what actions the user can select and carry out what is not on the website. Information about the user and user groups assigned in the sidebar.

Time savings

Set the permissions settings for all your web site from one screen augmented with practical information about the user or a user group before you can save hundreds of clicks. ACL Manager is a real time saver!

Available in 13 languages

ACL Manager is available in Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Spanish and Thai.

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