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July 31st, 2011
özgür koca

Brand management, administration, Administrative Templates

I think they are familiar with are well known wordpress plugin login wordpress brand, but there are none to Joomla. We just made it possible for joomla "branding Admin", a small plugin, but powerful for the brand or customize your template joomla admin / admin panel and view the login page administrator.



* Information hiding copies footer from the administration page and login. Estesólo hides the use of CSS, which originally is the output in html. Because we honor the right of the copy:)

Plugin brand management

Latest version.

I think they arefamiliar with wordpress plugin are well known to logon brand wordpress, but none for Joomla. We just ma

* Show / Hide the header background color

* Agregarcolor background header

* Choose rounded corner of the header section. CSS3 rounded corners

* Choose gradient header, select Start and Gradient color. should support modern browsersIE6-IE9 and others. Do not care if rounded and the gradient does not work in an old browser!

* Login page

** Change the login title "Joomla Administration Login" with a custom logo

** Show / hide the image block

** Change lock with any custom image predeterminadoimagen

* Administration Page

** Show / hide the logojoomla default

** Replace the default logo with any custom image joomla

** Show / hide site title

** Change the text color of title

** Show / Hide the version number of Joomla

** Change text color version

* Want more? Let us know through our contact page

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