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September 25th, 2011
özgür koca

Advanced search, search and indexing site search

Advanced Search is a radical reinvention of the standard Joomla search application provides many benefits for the end user.

Search Results

First, the search results sorted by relevance, so that useful information for visitors to your website and identify the desired information more quickly. The relative position of each search result screen is optional (as shown in the screenshot below), you can evaluate more similar results.

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Advanced Search is a radical reinvention of the standard Joomla search application provides numerous benefits for end users

Multi-Site Search

Advanced Search makes it easy to securely search multiple sites simultaneously Joomla. This is perfect for those with two or more places within an organization, for example. Here again, the context of the search is to be used in the site to determine the most relevant search results in all specified sites.

Intelligent Filtering

Once you perform a search, Advanced Search also offers powerful and familiar filters to further reduce the results. Quick filters quickly show only the last day, week or month each year. Advanced filters include powerful filtering tools with options for the exact time periods and categories of content.


We have spent too much time, user-friendly and intuitive. For example, search results ranking is not necessary to select for the user to choose between the search for a keyword in a phrase search. Advanced search is smart enough to recognize this and similar models and results and search area accordingly.


Additionally, site administrators can customize how accurately calculate the relevance! Even powerful search engines like Google do not let others know exactly how their rankings are calculated. If you currently use Google search or a similar service on your site that you want to try Advanced Search. The ability to customize how relevancy is calculated, is a new advanced search feature allows Web site and site owners to make the search experience for end taylor.


With these features and more, as the indexing of PDF and image files, notifications about new content and the search for more powerful backend ever created for Joomla, we are confident that once you Advanced search never try with a different engine pleased Search Your Joomla site.

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