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December 26th, 2011
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The AJ Simply Jobs Board component makes millions of jobs from SimplyHired.com accessible and totally integrated on your own Website!, so you can easily transform your website into a powerful Job Search Engine, or alternatively you can choose to hide the search functionality and create a Job section (or multiple sections) showing specific Job Listings that always have jobs that are relevant to your web content.

Here’s how it works
Say you have a Joomla website that provides information and resources about Automobiles. With AJ Simply Jobs Board, you can instantly offer more than just information to your visitors, simply install and configure the component to provide relevant job listings of “mechanics”, “car sales”, “transportation”, “drivers”, etc, etc…

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The AJ Simply Jobs Board component makes millions of jobs from SimplyHired.com accessible and totally integrated on your own Websi

This can be achieved by providing a default search keywords such as the ones mentioned in the previous example. You can also be more specific and provide a default location for the search or assign values to the multiple Advanced and Special filters. For instance, you can show job listings of “car sales” in “Los Angeles, California” as a default search.
The Component can be used in many different ways, for instance:

+=> as a full Job Search Engine (advanced and special filters included!),
+=> as a Job Board Listings with fixed search parameters (No Search boxes if you don’t want to show them),
+=> as multiple Sections in your site (i.e.: one section showing “Sales Jobs” in a specific city, another one showing “Marketing Jobs” in another city, and so on),
+=> as a Job Board Listing for a specific Company or Location,
+=> and much more

Features and Benefits

AJ Simply Jobs Board is a great tool that allows you to provide your visitors with a useful service that they will perceive as a valuable addition to your site’s content, making them want to come back and stay in your site for longer periods of time.

Yes, it’s free!. No setup fees and no maintenance costs!!
Alternatively, you can become an AJ Subscriber to obtain additional benefits from the use of this great tool.

Easy to Implement and Use:
Installation is very easy, all you have to do is add a new Menu Item of type “AJ Simply Jobs Board”, save and you’re done!. The component includes all the default parameters necessary to have it up an running in minutes.
The Jobs database and search processing logic is fully hosted by SimplyHired, therefore the component requires virtually no maintenance, since your server (or host account) is not overloaded with Gigabytes of information. So, you don’t have to worry about performing tedious backups (at least for this component), or dealing with large amounts of data in your hosting account, etc.

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