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September 30th, 2011
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Bingamajig! Joomla! makes it easy to use directory of companies with interactive maps on your website. Quick and easy with a complete list of local businesses and services create for each site. No coding required, just install the plugin, you are a business category and a starting point and Bingamajig! do the rest!

An excerpt from our online documentation on setting Bingamajig! …


General Information

Bingamajig! Services used Bing to business information and ready to collect the card. You need to get a Bing! API key to use this plugin. The API key is free. There are also several configuration options that you want to set before you can create your Bingamajig! Pages.

Download Bingamajig! Plugin

Latest version.

Bingamajig! Joomla! makes it easy to use directory of companies with interactive maps on your website. Quickly and easily create a

To set options for the components / Bingamajig go! Entry into the administration menu. You get to the Bingamajig! Configuration page. Most of the configuration of your configured default settings using the icon in the toolbar above.


The global settings

Bingamajig! API Key

This is the API key obtained from Bing! entitled to make, requests for data from their servers.

Obtain your subscription key developer account . You must account for your Virtual Earth to sing.

They have to create an account "select key view" in the menu on the left. Give your site an application name as "Bingamajig! On my website and select the type of application developers.

Your Bingamajig! API key will be presented at the bottom of the page. A copy of this key and enter the Bingamajig! API Key field.


The Bingamajig! Cards try the user's location based on their Internet connection and a list of businesses near them, if the page is rendered display to be determined. However, you can override it and force the first card to provide a starting point of their choice. The default location here to start the card with a particular place strength.

Tag search

Bingamajig! usually presents the user with an input box where you can put on and your address or zip code where you want to build businesses. Prior to the registration form / search is a day. Use this setting to the text of the label, a little more change for your site.


The creation of a Bingamajig! Page

A configuration menu

Go to the menu and add a new menu item that will serve their directory listings.

Enter a unique name like "bingamajig directory '.

Give it a title, visible in the "Local Businesses" in the menu.

Enter a description if you're so inclined, feel, "Our board of the local things.

New Edit menu

After creating the new menu you want to add some pages of specific content.

Click on the Menu Manager on the menu "Options" to start creating more focused on content.

Click on Create New in the toolbar on your new Bingamajig! Page.

Select Bingamajig!, Bingamajig!, Standard design as the type.

Enter a title to identify people

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