BJ Banner Slideshow 2IN1 Plugin

September 29th, 2011
özgür koca

2IN1 BJ banner of slides, photos and images, Flash Slideshow


Supports pictures (JPG, PNG, GIF);

Links to each slide and the objective of the selection (or self-white) are added;

Support for special characters (ø ü ü ü C Û Û Ö Â Â Â è è è è OOOOAAA IIIIN);

You can move in the x-axis (distance from left) and Y (the distance from the top) – description of each text;

10 kinds of transition effects and 3 banners;

You can specify the number and the delay Sclice Sclice;

Download Presentation BJ 2IN1 Banner Plugin

Latest version.


Supports pictures (JPG, PNG, GIF);
Links can be added to each slide, and select white (blank

Transparency can select text box and shade;

You can change the font size for each text;

You can change the color of each text and text boxes;

On / Off or Show / Hide: Each slide automatically, the shadow box.

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