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September 11th, 2011
özgür koca

CM Auto Read More, News Summary screen items

CM Auto Read More Joomla replaced the more buttons. This plugin automatically inserts a pause after reading the first paragraph or a certain number of characters in the plugin parameter. Say goodbye to manually insert breaks Read more!

The plugin must set the parameters of the length of the text input menu items for blog / and a paper presented to the world. Many of the options can be overridden individually by the Article Manager or the parameters of the menu. If the 'Show read more Yes "within the meaning of Article options administrator" option is turned on, "begins this plug-in to work! You can read the user guide for further information on exactly how it works.

CM Auto Read More Download Plugin

Latest version.

CM Auto Read More Joomla replaced the more buttons. This plugin automatically inserts a pause after the f read more

The best feature of this plugin is not reading the manual entry of the break more for each item! The second best feature is included in Joomla menu and control parameters, if your article is the text of automated entry and read more link!

This is a must-have plugin for Joomla CMS. Read more …

Key Features:

-Add more links for you to read the first paragraph or after a certain number of characters (you decide) that you specify in the plugin parameters.

-You can specify global options for displaying the read more link options put health information. The global settings are overridden in the menu item or the item on the view. This means that once the parameters in the leaflet must not return to the plugin manager go!

-You can use the title of the article and give you the maximum length of the title, as you can through the Health Information options. This can be through the individual items.

Works with non-public content, which shows a login to read more link. This text can be adapted to read more, as with all links. The alternative text read more about writing all the plug-in also.

-The ability to add a link to register on the site after the meeting, to read more link.

Backend user-guide, that the interior of the plug-in manager to explain exactly how to use the plugin shows.

-Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional!

Do not miss the opportunity to run this plugin … This is writing articles a lot easier for you or your customers!

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