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July 7th, 2014
özgür koca

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Component Architect allows you to build custom components with your own tables and fields that closely matches, but extends, the functionality you get in the core Joomla components.

There are no limits to the number of tables, fields or times you can generate. Code Templates for Joomla 3.x and 2.5 are included in the Component Architect install package and will be updated with new functionality in core Joomla as it is introduced. Additional code templates will be added as they are developed.

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Component Architect allows you to build custom components with your own tables and fields that closely matches, but extends, the f

Using the included Component Wizard you can quickly create your first component and tables, even fully importing tables from the current database to populate the fields in your tables.

This is NOT a component generator which just generates a basic skeleton MVC structure with some basic CRUD admin and front end functionality! You get fully working multi-table components, with associated working modules and plugins!

You select at component and/or table level the functionality you want – only the required code is then included in your components, modules and plugins. All with a very high match to the Joomla standards and fully compliant with the MVC structure.

What you can get in a generated component includes:

Fully working admin component:

– List view
– Edit view
– Filters for each field marked as a filter field
– Batch processing
– Categories
– Tags
– Version Control
– ACL (component and record level)
– All core fields – state, access, created fields, modified fields etc etc can be defined
– Core Joomla field types plus modal views for linked tables
– Client and Server side validation code generation (this is also in the front end)

Fully working front end component:

Each view has fully defined menu parameters which match the functionality generated so you perform all the customisation of what is shown in a view via the menu items you create – this includes having global defaults and record level overrides of these parameters. Views included are:
– Categories and Category views
– Blog view
– List view (default) – with filters and search
– Article View (mimics the core article view)
– Single Item View (default)
– Form view for Edit/Create

Plugins for core functionality:

– Item navigation
– Pagebreak
– Vote
– Search
– Smart Search (Finder)

Modules to present your data:

– Most popular items
– Recently created items, published or modified
– Alphabetically
– By user
– By category
– Featured items

Custom Installation package:

Manifest files for all extensions and a custom component installer script which will install the generated component and all associated plugins and modules.

All of this is supported with ‘in’ component help files and, soon to be available, downloadable Quick Start and User Guide documentation.

Download of Component Architect does not require registration but access to downloadable documentation and the support forum will require you to register on Component Archit

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