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September 12th, 2011
özgür koca

Upload content, production news, buildings, contents

+ + + Have you ever wanted to create complex content made easy? Need a tool of the content itself – or its customers – supports the processing of frontend? Want to join tables from different databases? Then check out our videos and get examples and content builder! + + +

The main task of the content builder, the structure of Joomla ® content (articles), while maintaining the design of content – but you can do with a lot to others:

* Catalogs

* Directories

* Classifieds

Download plugin content builder

Latest version.

+ + + Have you ever wanted to create complex content made easy? Need a tool for content yourself – or your customer – support the border

* Article Submission

* Based Communities

* Paid Content

* Directories of files (upload / download)

* Archive Sales

* Image Galleries

* Advanced Joomla! Records, including records and paid Captcha

* List / look at the details (display of registration)

* … Or regular CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations of data

System Joomla! ® 's products will not be replaced. Builder offers content list / detail views by default, that the administrative boards can act. It also creates regular content items, if you prefer, you can use on your website, like all other content – without the need for replacement nuclear.

You can also control content builder user rights for various actions, such as access to content, editing content, setting the parameters of the article, editorial, etc.

content builder provides a plug-in infrastructure to improve their well-defined step capabilities:

* Content (size of the pictures, downloads or plug-in available content)

* Form Validation

* Actions (records and actions they choose to)

* Verification (think of payments and rebates)

* Topics (yes, the problems are connected)

A variety of plugins that come with the builder and content, such as the PayPal payment, the size of the image (thumbnails, details, modal), downloads the list of actions and common form validations.

content builder provides easy-to-use built-in generator that can run from the data source of your choice.

BreezingForms to our fans, you may be interested to know that also integrates seamlessly with content builder ( .

*** NOTE: This is a pre-launch, you can use for production, but some things are changed or added before the release of Version 1.0 ***

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