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September 26th, 2011
özgür koca

Self-catering kitchen, tools, development tools

Incredible creator of complete modules and Joomla!

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Chef creates a real component that contains all the basics of a standard Joomla! Component. You need to install anything on your CMS generates for the implementation of the project. You can write on the inside, packed and distributed in the JED.

The Smart-Builder components write their line by line and write only what is necessary (so we try to …). This means that each row of the component is used. Nothing is useless.

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Incredible creator of complete modules and Joomla!

> See see videos!

The service is not just for developers. We try to avoid the Joomla! Terms and concepts to create the component. If you have never Joomla! or if you know nothing about PHP, this tool is for you!

More than just MVC. Designing the database and the links between tables. Design of each page (front and back). The integration of the predefined functions. Validator example. Create an abstraction layer …. html And many other features.

From the beginning, the chef is constantly evolving. The web interface is developed every day with new features.

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★ cooking for you to write a Joomla! Standard model-view-controller component. So it is possible to write in the source code. The component is written in an understandable and easy to read and not condensed, ideal for Joomla developers and designers. Can staff easily.

★ Do not have to create a PHP developer their own components. The designer will help you design a simple and complete. So the best you know about HTML, PHP, CSS, SQL, the best you are able to forward to the creation of more features.

★ There is no framework for motor

Joomla is strong enough! With the help of a frame-layer versions of Joomla! and its components can be useful, but require the learning! For this reason we have decided to avoid the use of any motor housing. The only extra on component class is an abstraction layer HTML (JDOM), the interract with the Application Layer.

★ Drag and Drop – Ajax interface

★ design

★ Database Design


★ FK wholes

★ groups

★ Filter

★ ACL and levels of Vista

★ beautiful golf

★ Validator

★ Assistants: Date of creation, ordering system, the system of aliases, the publishing system, view access levels

Modal collectors ★

Kill ★ message

Icons ★

★ installation scripts

Manage SEF ★

Standard file languages ★

★ HTML abstraction layer

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