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September 24th, 2011
özgür koca

Slideshow image Diapo, photos and images, slideshow images

Slideshow is a photo slide show module module.This picture shows some amazing effects and has advanced features. Diapo image slideshow module is compatible with Joomla 1.5,1.6,1.7. Slideshow image This module is designed primarily for home and adds elegance to the website.

Diapo image features SLIDESHOW

24 amazing effects built ★

★ slideshow of images unlimited.

★ legend for each image can be adjusted, the slide in the module parameters

Download Image Slideshow Plugin Diapo

Latest version.

Slideshow is a photo slide show module module.This picture shows some amazing effects and has advanced features

★ The ability to link to articles images / pages.

★ function links in the same / new window opened.

★ height and width of the display can be controlled.

This Slideshow Image module is compatible with all modern browsers

Optional charger

★ type bar loader image can be changed (Pie / Bar)

★ charger opacity of the image display can be changed.

★ charger color image display can be changed.

★ foot diameter in the slideshow can be set in the parameter module


Navigation ★ slideshow can be enabled / disabled

★ On / Disbale optin Stop and Play buttons in the slideshow

★ leaves can be enabled / disabled.

Transition ★ films can be controlled in the presentation

★ can be controlled pause time for each slide show

★ automatic slide show can be enabled / in the presentation of the image are disabled.

★ Address of the legend can be left / right will change in the presentation


Free installation on request


★ LICENSED multiple domains – buy again for all your projects USE




If you have a problem with the image slideshow Diapo or you have questions about our module can be connected directly to our support ticket system, published http://www.support.infyways.com

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