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November 9th, 2011
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HD Image rotator for Joomla web sites is a novel product from Plestar Infotech. Image rotator comes as a module, which is undeniable and most integral banner product for all Joomla websites. It supports 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7 versions of Joomla. The need for adding a simple and effective banner on web sites is increasing day by day. In today’s scenario all the web sites need an efficient banner to display images effectively. To bridge the gap between the need and the dearth of banners for Joomla web sites, Plestar Infotech introduces Image rotator with some wonderful animation effects and superior background Music capability; this helps you display images on your web site more effectively with clarity sound on the background. This could be installed in a jiffy, and the front-end display is stunning with eye-catching acute animation effects. The customer support is the basis for all the Plestar products, and you could avail three forms of support for this product.

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HD Image rotator for Joomla web sites is a novel product from Plestar Infotech. Image rotator comes as a module, which is undeniab

1. Mail Support:

All the mails are promptly replied with a solution. All your problems regarding Image rotator within seconds, if there are any problems.

2. Chat Support:

Live chat option available for instant solution. We are available on all times of your need.

3. Forum Support:

The forum will be checked regularly and answered properly. You could also check for your issues in our forum section if someone might have faced the same issue, like you, before.

So, with all the features and support, this Image rotator from Plestar Infotech is one of the most-needed for all the web sites that are built on Joomla. What else to say! Try this product and you would feel the difference.

1. Works on Joomla 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7.
2. Available as a Module for easily assigning it to Menus.
3. Option to add background music.
4. Simple but effective custom animation effects.
5. Can add ten images at a go.
6. Shape of the Image rotator is adjustable.
7. Navigation tool bar customizable.
8. Possible to customize the banner in terms of height and width.
9. Text description can be added about the image or about the web site.
10.Title customizable for font and color of text using the advanced option.

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