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September 30th, 2011
özgür koca

IlkeFarmers, customers and the communities, municipalities

IlkeFarmers go to our farm management system. With this tool, you can sort the list of Farm Business Association, a group of customers or display it by race or animals have been won. The system displays a data form for each property, and we have a random farm module and several useful plugins available.

What is a farm management system is used? IlkeFarmers association with the websites and the like have a list of establishments in two different formats, and connects each operation, to form data. This is the focus of sorting by race-bred even though it could use other criteria.

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IlkeFarmers go to our farm management system. With this tool, you can view the list of Farm Business Association or a group of clie

Could be used for other purposes? A system of management based on a system of corporate governance focused on the farm on … could also be used for any business. Each company has their logo, pictures of two or more places. Instead of holdings, with this scheme, which could show any kind of business, a simple change of the title in the language text files.

Ilke farmers What is it about?

Component * The component is the system of management. They allow you to create three types of menus, lists of symbols (two columns), only one form of lists and data mining. The lists include search engines, paging, and could be filtered by category, in this case proceeds. The data together all data, including the character of iron (or other symbol representative), two pictures and a form for each location using Google Map.

* Plugins module and are described in various places.

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