iMoneybookers for Virtuemart Plugin

December 25th, 2011
özgür koca

iMoneybookers for Virtuemart, Extension Specific,VirtueMart extensions,Virtuemart Payment Systems

IMoneybookers is advanced payment module to accept payments on via your virtuemart estore.

Following are few features of iMoneybookers

1. Easy to install (instructions included)
2. Easy to configure No programing knowledge required(instructions included)
3. Supports all split Payment types for such as Credit Cards, eWallet, VISA, iDEAL e.t.c
4. iframe supported so client never leaves your site
5. Changes order status automatically when customer pays the invoice.

Download iMoneybookers for Virtuemart Plugin


IMoneybookers is advanced payment module to accept payments on via your virtuemart estore.



1. Upload the administrator directory to your website root using ftp Overwrite if asked.
2. Now login to your administration panel (back-end)
3. Go to Components > Virtuemart > Store > List Payment Methods > New
4. Ensure the “Active” checkbox is enabled (ticked)
5. Name what ever you like in “Payment Method Name” such as moneybookers(doesn’t have to be but it’s easier to remember)
6. “Code” is MB (again just easier to remember)
7. Next to “Payment class name”, select ps_imoneybookers from the drop-down.
8. For “Payment method type”, put a dot next to the HTML-form based (e.g. Paypal) option.
9. Click on the “SAVE” icon (top-right).
10. You should be returned to the “Payment Method List” page, click on the payment entry you just made.
11. Click on the Configuration tab (next to Payment Method Form tab)
12. There should be a message saying that ps_imoneybookers.cfg.php is Writeable. If it isn’t then check the permissions on the file using your FTP client.
13. Complete the fields just under this message as appropriate.
* Moneybookers payment email:
* Secret Word
* Your Merchant ID its same as your account ID in
* Select Payment option for customer such as Credit card, iDEAL
* Order Status for successful transactions
* Order Status for Pending Payments
* Order Status for failed transactions

14. If you are using a javascript-enabled browser, the Payment Extra Info field should auto-complete itself with a load of programming code.
15. Click on the “SAVE” icon again (top-right).
16. Repeat from step 1 with all new details and change Payment option other then already used to add new payment method for customers to pay with on moneybookers

* check README.TXT (included in archive) for payment methods and there availability details

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