Invoice Manager for PayPlans Plugin

May 29th, 2014
özgür koca

Invoice Manager for PayPlans, Extension Specific,PayPlans extensions

This plugin/app for PayPlans will create invoices in Invoice Manager automatically for you and your costumers when new orders are placed in PayPlans.

You will have full integrated support for Invoice Manager for PayPlans for Joomla: invoices will be created automatically in Invoice Manager when a new subscription is placed in PayPlans, containing all its relevant data.

Using this powerful extension, you can have a centralized invoice area in your site, no matter how the invoices were generated

Download Invoice Manager for PayPlans Plugin


This plugin/app for PayPlans will create invoices in Invoice Manager automatically for you and your costumers when new orders are

This extension extends the capabilites of PayPlans and Invoice Manager to provide you all the tools you need for Invoicing and billing in PayPlans:

– Automatic invoice creation when a new order is placed and confirmed in PayPlans
– The invoice will be immediatelly available on your invoices area
– All the powerful features from Invoice Manager will be available
– Works for orders placed online or offline (manually)
– Define your own templates for the invoices
– Taxes and discounts (includion EU VAT) will be included in the Invoice if they are present in the PayPlans subscription

– Create and manage invoices in your Joomla website (automatic invoices created from PayPlans orders)
– Create Quotes.
– Single or multiple payments per invoice
– Clients can pay online with PayPal, Authorize.Net
– Create PDF invoices
– Export to CSV or Excel
– Recurring invoices: let the system automatically create your repetitive invoices for you!
– Super fast invooice creation. It loads contact data with AJAX as you type and more
– Super flexible tax system (taxes can be applied at different moments, like the Canadian tax system does)
– Build with responsive layouts and Bootstrap.
– Ready to work out of the box, no tedious plugins or other extensions need to be installed
– Manage and store your contacts for future quick invoice creator
– Send the invoices to your customer’s email and let them see the invoice online
– Define your own taxes and discounts to be applicable to the invoices
– Show tax and totals information on your main administrator page for a comprehensive taz summary
– Easily customize different invoice templates and layouts and assign them individually to your invoices. Total flexibility
– Define recurrent items for easily and quick addition to invoices
– All totals, subtotals and taxes are calculated automatically
– Create invoices with different currency (EUR, USD, GBP…) this is a free text field
– Manage when your users can view their invoices with useful publish features, including “Start publishing” and “End publishing”

– Graphic Reports and Statistics with Content Statistics (sold separately)

– Multi language support
– 100% open source
– Professional technical support from our experts and in our Forum
– Technical support in English and Spanish

-Installing and setting up Invoice Manager for PayPlans is done within minutes, and you will have the most powerful invoicing tool for Joomla, connected with PayPlan

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