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September 4th, 2011
özgür koca

WorldMap JoomUltra, maps and weather, maps and directions, map, country

JoomUltra world map world map is a great flash for Joomla. You can see the countries / continents and adapt by simply fantastic.

WorldMap JoomUltra features:

01.Map profile with many default settings / global settings

02.Easy, each country / continent adapt

03.Country/Continent with custom color (and pass)

URL 04.Link countries through back-end support, HTTP and Javascript URL defined

05.Easy customize country / continent name, Joomfish support

WorldMap JoomUltra Download Plugin

Latest version.

JoomUltra world map world map is a great flash for Joomla. You can countries / continents through fantastic and easy to look cu

06.Easy customize country / continent of color names

07.Easy select / change the color caused by the accumulation in the color selection tool

Quick View 08.Support help, you will see any changes in the processing of country / continent

Customization 09.Full description (text, image, frame, transparent)

10.Support basic HTML tags in the description (b, u, img, p, ul, li)

11.Enhanced purpose of the connection modes (full-window, new window)

Unlimit 12.Support map profiles (you can another country / continent style profiles of different map)

13.Easy manage / control the card via the backend (Search / Filter continent country in profile)

14.Module/Plugin embed the map anywhere

15 And many more …

You can JoomUltra WorldMap Site Directory, tour information, branches of the company, several color map, land link / us to other components, the use of JavaScript for dynamic content …

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