JT Showcase Pro plugin.

July 18th, 2011
özgür koca

JT Pro Showcase, photos and pictures, slide

If you are in the display case or showcase Product Gallery for Joomla! Look, this JT Showcase Component for Joomla! Fit your needs. We use the JA Showcase component for our own website for 4 years. Check the live demo for more information.

JT Showcase server configuration panel allows you to easily upload images and a clearly defined Organizational structure. Item Manager and admin pozvolyaetredaktirovatupdate objects and easily handle a large amount of products and categories. In addition, you can add custom fields feature any field points attribute, so you have full control over the fields that are shown on Discretion.

Download JT target = '_blank'> Showcase Pro Plugin

The latest version.

If you are looking for a product vitrinaili gallery showcase for Joomla! Looking for, then JT Showcase Component for Joomla! Your requ

Tag Cloud powerful system allows you to display content by category or search your product easily with the pop-up toolbar.

Support for theMeans connecting the element of external links to present a fully functional, like you, you can show your pictures of the product and links to a demo or details.

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