JWsec Plugin

October 2nd, 2011
özgür koca

JWsec, access and security, site access

A Joomla! Plugin system that makes more than one thing.

It aims to several functions in one plug-in installed instead of 4.3, to have to do the work. For now there is not much, but maybe you want to help make more, please contact me.


– Set a key> value pair to check the Access backend

– Ban IP addresses / ranges backend or frontend website white list or black, is compatible with IPv4 / 6

Thanks to the cool Joomla! Form fields will check your IP against the white list and black, a little more protection from kicking to give.

Download Plugin JWsec

Latest version.

A Joomla! Plugin system that makes more than one thing.
It aims, some features, rather than a plug or

– Countries IP Ban for the back-end or front-end site for the black or white.

Using the database maxmind.com GeoLite Country – both IPv4 / 6 are included in the binary format.

Both classes, as do also have two jobs can easily later (to prevent access to content from specific countries, for example) in your code.

NOTE: Not wl and management in order to leave the field empty country codes, or put a country code in which `is set not found, it will kick you back from the administration, and you need to do for manual processing.


If this extension is not properly configured to prevent access to your website.

** This product includes data created by MaxMind GeoLite in http://www.maxmind.com/ .

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