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November 22nd, 2011
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This plugin adds blog pingback functionality to Joomla, just like the ones you find in WordPress.

A Ping is a message is used to let other people know that you have published new content on your site. The ping message is sent to different Update Servers of your choice, which in turn processes your ping to make your new post show up in different blog listings like Technorati and Google Blogs for example.

So why would you want to ping? One word: Traffic!
The more you let everyone know you have new posts, the more traffic to your site you’ll expect. A ping also notifies different search engines that your site has updated.

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This plugin adds blog pingback functionality to Joomla, just like the ones you find in WordPress.

A Ping is a messa

The BlogPing Plugin is configured with Ping-o-matic by default, but you can add as many Update Services as you wish. The best thing about Ping-o-matic is that it automatically forwards your ping to 11 other Update Services and search engines.

The plugin is triggered everytime your page gets visited, to see if theres any new posts made since the last ping. If it finds new content, a ping is sent to the Update Services you’ve specified. You can just sit back and relax while the plugin automatically promotes your website.

BlogPing is installed like any other extension. It consists of one simple plugin that makes the job for you. One installation file for all Joomla versions (J1.5-J1.7) makes it dead simple to install.

The BlogPing is configured to work out of the box, after you’ve enabled the plugin. You could still tweak the settings of your choice:
* Specify which categories to ping. Some or all?
* Enter a list of Update Services to use.
* Settings to ping on new posts or new and updated posts
* Enable or disable display of messages in backend.

* Works on Joomla 1.5+
* Tested on K2 2.5.1
* PHP 5 required

* English
* Swedish

If you don’t know what ping is, then you really missed something. This is something that almost every blogging plattform uses. A ping i basically a shout out to an update server, that your site has fresh content. The updateserver will then list your article automatically to it’s blogpost listings.

Hopefully your ping will get You tons of new visitors, that you otherwise never would have reached.

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