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September 30th, 2011
özgür koca

Presentation of the operating system, photos and images, slideshow images

Slide Show is an operating system carefully install spool / rotator module joomla image full-featured, easy to adjust. Whenever you need a complete rotor slide image appears or if you need a simple banner, slides OS will do the job with ease!


1st Easy to use and modify – it is very easy to use powerful slider / banner rotator image. The size of the slide must be defined only in one place and configure the options and images. Pinch the skin gives you total control over the design.

Download Plugin OS Slideshow

Latest version.

Slide Show is an operating system carefully install spool / rotator module joomla image full-featured, easy to adjust.

2nd Skinable – 12 different skins – each folder has its own skin and is very well commented, so that any change to the button images, position, etc. easily.

3rd LightBox support – with this option is activated when you slide clicked more pictures can be loaded modally. You just insert link to jpg /. Png /. Gif and LightBox activates the linked image of the modal light is turned on appears.

4th PrettyPhoto support – if you click a link and the link to YouTube, Vimeo, an image or a QuickTime movie that will automatically detect what type of connection and displays it to enter in a modal window.

5th Youtube support – by PrettyPhoto modal dialog.

6th Vimeo Support – by PrettyPhoto modal dialog.

7th QuickTime support – by PrettyPhoto modal dialog.

8th Slide Show Repeat / Slide Continues – With this option you can tell the slider to endlessly repeat the slides to play on all the slides at the same time and stop or repeat all the slides from a number of times.

9th GoToSlideOnStart option – the flag will turn to slide into the given start.

10th Timer – the amount on the next slide shows continued. The position of the timer can be controlled by an option.

11th OnMouseOver break – when the controller is in play mode and move the mouse over the slider, this option, if "true" stops the cursor.

12th Tooltip – when moving from the small thumbnail buttons will open a thumbnail. With the image of the image automatically, so no need to create the preview images generated. If the text is set, then simply enter the title of each image, this title appears.

13th Tooltip size – the width of the description size slider in percent from 0 to 100 If you use text and tooltip text allows more than the width of it, the description is to extend to the top (this can be changed via the CSS skins)

14th Autoplay – at startup.

15th Shuffle – slide a random order so each time a random slide show when the page loads.

16th Delay – the time each image is / are displayed visibly.

17th Transitional period – the period of transition to the last.

18th Verticals – the number of columns in a transitional phase.

19th Square – the number of lines in a transitional phase.

20th Hyperlinks – that is the global option for links and can be turned on or off.

21st Visibility button – an option that you can hide all the buttons easily.

22nd Play / Pause buttons visible – to show or hide Pl

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