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October 19th, 2011
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OSG Seminar Manager is a course listing component that allows you to have a complete seminar listing and booking system on your Joomla! site. It is based on Course Manager 1.7 but we have added a lot of features and fixed some issues.

As the original version it has the following features:

* easy to use administration interface to manage your courses and applications
* receive email notifications
* organize course with tags or (nested) categories

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OSG Seminar Manager is a course listing component that allows you to have a complete seminar listing and booking system on your Jo

* customize email templates in the back-end
* customize front-end course listings by setting course attributes
* create custom fields for the application form
* optional automatic registration
* high performance with caching support
* attach files to the courses
* add meta description and keywords to courses and categories
* receive online payments via PayPal
* support SEF urls

And this is what we added in OSG Seminar Manager:

* clone courses from templates
* list course templates without dates on your site and let
users can sign in a list of prospects (optional)
* view all users on this list in back-end and notify them on new course dates
* associate tutors with course templates and certain skills. If you then
create a course from a template the system recommends matching tutors
* automatic PDF invoice generation (optional)
* attachment of invoices to booking confirmation emails (optional)
* registered users can view their invoices in front-end
* customize invoice templates in back-end with an almost WYSIWYG editor
and pdf preview function. No need to edit PHP code!
* print on existing pdf file (up to pdf version 1.4)
* localized date from in most places
* excellent support for German language
* prices can be displayed with or without VAT
* VAT rate can be set per course

Several details we improved:

* customfields:
– use them in invoice templates
– group them and use one group for booking form and another group
for the form to sign in the list of prospects
– new field for realizing a checkbox to agree to terms of services
* users can view course details when bookings are turned of
* avoid multiple bookings unless explicitly allowed
* added missing server side input validation at various places
* almost all important strings are now translatable
* rewrite of the installer
* rewrite of CSV export (import is yet missing)
* reworked every single view in front- and back-end to make it
more attractive, user-friendly and consistent
* auto-populate all fields in application form for registered users
(if data has already been entered at any time)


* Joomla 1.6.x or 1.7.x
* PHP 5.3

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