Plugin-System Plus One ZT Google plug-in.

July 18th, 2011
özgür koca

Google plugin-system ZT Plus One, Social Web bookmark display

ZT Google plugin system, plus one is a button to insert your website.

This is an abbreviation for "it's cool" or "you should check it out." Allow visitors to recommend the page directly into Google's search results and help your site stand out.

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+ Content support plugins

+ K2 plugin support

+ Tag support: Use {zt_googleplusone [URL]} wherever you want on the Google button a show

Download plugin system ZT Google Plus a plug

Thelatest version.

ZT Google plugin system, plus you add a knopkuVash website.

This is an abbreviation for "it's pretty coo

+ Select to display the position (before the content, or both)

+ Select button size

+ Select show / hide the counter

+ Language: Auto Detect or Select from a list

+ Choose which categories / products toDisplay / hide button in content, or R2 component

+ And a few other features …

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