RS Latest Tweets Plugin

September 30th, 2011
özgür koca

Latest RS-news, social web, twitter screen

Latest Posts RS show the latest tweets from Twitter user names or user names list, or even a list of devices and a simple query in real time.

Only the parameters and publish the module for more information, see only a lot of features.

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Download time, small and fast

-Do not stop or slow down your site, while the tweets load

Up to 100 tweets display, such as Twitter allows search-api

Display a search tweets from Twitter, or your own food

Download the latest version of the plugin RS Tweets

Latest version.

Latest Posts RS show the latest tweets from your Twitter user name or user name, or a list of equipment and advice just wa

Optional time-form game for human consumption reading tweets

Optional display your avatar

-If you want to show tweets from multiple accounts!

Display a list of tweets, or display a user's favorites

Optional-load after a certain delay

Auto-linking responses to the Twitter user @ site

URLs auto-linking

-Use the Twitter Search API, so you can show all tweets that as

Display up to 100 tweets that have been published in the last 7 days (in the API with Twitter Search)

Auto-Link # hashtags, a Twitter search all tags


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