SagePay Payment for K2 Store Plugin

July 31st, 2011
özgür koca

Shop SagePay payment of K2, the extension-specific extensions, K2

Now you can accept payments through shop SagePay with K2. The plugin is to store with integrated payment gateway SagePay K2.

It can be configured in three easy steps

1st Installation using the Joomla.

2nd Set the parameters (a few)

3rd Publish!

The plugin is based on the advanced integration method deSagePay direct payment. Customers, please leave your side. The payment will be processed in the background and the results are displayed instantly.

Download Plugin for payment SagePay K2 Shop

Latest version.

Now you can shop on payments SagePayagree with K2. The plugin SagePay payment gateway integrated K2Store.

NOTE:. This is an add-on storage for K2 (K2-shop), the simple shopping cart for joomla

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