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November 23rd, 2011
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Social Bookmarking Genius Plugin, Social Web,Social Bookmarking

Plugin Version 3.0

What’s Included:

10-31-2011 – Just added ’embed code’ feature. This allow you to place the icons anywhere in any article by simply placing an embed code {bookmarkinggenius} in your article.

10-30-2011 – Now including 8 animated mouse over effects, all 100% css, no java script.

10-25-2011 – Totally NEW release. New bookmarking sites: Blogmarks, Ekstreme, Feedmarker, DesignFloat, Orkut, PingFM, Plurk, Posterous, Sphinn, Viadeo, Windows Live!!

Download Social Bookmarking Genius Plugin Plugin


Plugin Version 3.0

What’s Included:

10-31-2011 – Just added ’embed code’ feature. This allow you to

10-23-2011 – Totally NEW Release. Now you have total control over which view to display the links in (articles, categories, or front page).

10-22-2011 – Fixed Bug with URL not being transmitted to bookmarking sites.

This package includes:

Social Bookmarking Genius for Joomla 1.5 (Plugin)
Social Bookmarking Genius for Joomla 1.6 (Plugin)
Social Bookmarking Genius for Joomla 1.7 (Plugin)


> 52 Bookmarking Sites to Choose From
> Display the Links in any View: (Article, Category, or Front Page)
> Display the Links at the Top or Bottom of Your Articles (or Both)
> Embed Code – Place the Icons Anywhere Within any Article {bookmarkinggenius}
> Choose the Size of the Icons (2px to 64px)
> Create Custom CSS Style Code in Plugin Configuration

Built in Mouse-Over Animated Effects:

Dog Ear
Enlarge Icon
Shrink Icon
Shift Icon Up
Highlight Icon
Rotate Icon

General Overview:

Eight totally new mouse-over special animated effects have also been added so you can create a unique look all your own. All of the animated special effects are totally created with 100% CSS., no Javascript is used at all.

All of the mouse-over effects are completely configurable through the control panel. You decide how you want them to be displayed.

In addition to the built in mouse-over effects that are already included in the plugin, there is also a ‘custom’ effect that gives you the ability to create your own totally unique mouse-over animation which will set your website apart from all the others. This allows you to choose any image(s) you wish to be displayed on mouse-over simply by uploading the image(s) of your choice to your website. Using this feature you can make this module totally unique and give your website something that people will be talking about .

Our Social Bookmarking Plugin allows guests and members on your website to Bookmark any page they find interesting on your site on the top Social Bookmarking sites by simply clicking on the icon for the Social Bookmarking site in the your article. Clicking the Icon Link will automatically take your guest directly to the Bookmark page on the selected site if they are logged in. The Social Bookmarking sites that are currently supported are: Bibsonomy, Blinklist, Blokube, Buddymarks, Connotea, Delicious, Digg, Diigo, Dropjack, Dzone, Facebook, Fark, Faves, Folkd, Friendfeed, Fwisp, Google, Google Buzz, Hyves, Identica, Jamespot, Jumptags, Kirt

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