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September 22nd, 2011
özgür koca

Assistant Social Media, Social Networking, Social Profiles

Interesting features include: – choose to 8 on the impact of the animated mouse, and integrated into the module.

Plus! – A-Mouse on the custom of the impact that you can design your own animation with the mouse, no one else has!

What is included:

This package includes:

Social Media Profile Wizard Joomla 1.5

Social Media Profile Wizard Joomla 1.6

Social Media Profile Wizard Joomla 1.7

Download Social Media Wizard Plugin

Latest version.

Interesting features include: – choose to 8 on the impact of the animated mouse, and integrated into the module.



Our Social Media Profile Wizard, you can add a link to one or all profile pages, including display 117 different social networking sites, media. This module can help reduce the number of followers you have in all social networking sites.

Social networking sites like LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and Digg, to name a few, are growing faster every day. If you are just profiles on Facebook and Twitter in many popular social centers, which certainly bring more traffic to your website and you can put more money in your pocket when you have the time to grow your network are missing.

When it comes to Internet networks, which is never really too many accounts. Why not have an account in all social networking sites to be found in this module. Yes, it is time consuming and requires a little work, but when the time to fill out all sections completely and make a link to your website in each of them, you are guaranteed to increase traffic to your website.

Built in the mouse-over effects animation:

> Combs

> More Icon

> Reduction Icon

> Change Icon Up

> Select the icon

> Rotate Icon

> Bullseye

> Customize


In this version of our module has full control over how you want to show their icons. You can choose to display the symbols of any size until the end of 24px to 128px and every size in between.

Eight new mouse over animation special effects have also been added, allowing you a unique look all your own to create. All special effects are created fully animated, with 100% CSS., No JavaScript is used throughout.

All mouse-over effects are to be fully configured through the Control Panel. You decide how you want to view.

Besides establishing the mouse over effects, which are already included in the module, it is also a "custom" that gives you the opportunity to own your mouse over the unique animations that your site is placed next to create any others. This way you can use any image (s) that you will see the mouse pointer over, simply by uploading the image (s) of your choice on your website. With this function module you can use this very unique and give your website something that people will talk about.

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