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July 21st, 2011
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vm Standard Plus shipping was created because we needed a quick and easy solution for calculating the shipping costs on the fly based on the weight of the product. The standard virtuemart shipping would have taken us hundreds of hours and thousands of pages to create this – so it was very tedious and frustating. We needed something quicker and easier. The key idea here is – that you have to know what your product weighs in order to realise the full potential of the Standard Plus. We sell golf balls online, and golf balls generally all weigh the same around 50grams. So 1 dozen golf balls weigh 600g. We sell balls in dozens, and all we have to know is what 1 dozen weighs and our system calculates the shipping cost for 1 dozen or 100dz – and this can be setup in less than 2 minutes vs 100000’s of hours.

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vm Standard Plus shipping was created because we needed a quick and easy solution for calculating the shipping costs on the fly ba

Furthermore, We also wanted to start exporting to various countries around the world, however all international shipping / courier companies used their own list of zones ( a group of countries) using a weight based system – and no other shipping module could do what we wanted. There was no quick and easy way to assign zones within virtuemart and it was very limited. So we designed our zone editor to basically copy the ones that TNT, Fedex, DHL or UPS uses – this is a quick and easy process to create your own zones depending on the company you use to do your shipping. We even added the postal service and airmail for our own store as they also have the world divided into zones. This is a very quick and easy solution for you to use – and easy to understand.

6 Reasons why you should buy VM Standard Plus :
1.Calculate the shipping cost of products on the fly based on the product weight
2.Quickly and Easily Create rates in weightbands of 100g, 500g or 1kg’s – copy the weight bands from your shipping company to have accurate shipping rates
3.Create Shipping Zones – perfect for online stores that plan to sell worldwide
4.Add Countries to Zones – create mutliple zones with different countries in each zone to give your store an even bigger global footprint
5.Upload Shipper Logos for the checkout page – makes your site look more professional
6.You can have multiple shippers all using the same zone, but each zone with different shipping rates for each shipper – this is one of the features that makes this shipping module extra special.
7.At R70 or approx $10, you guaranteed to be happy with the price and performance of Standard Plus – it will save you loads of time!.

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    i can’t download this, can u help me find where i can download this vm Standard Plus shipping, Thank you!

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