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September 20th, 2011
özgür koca

Super-Contacts, contacts and comments, contact forms

★ Announcing the long awaited delivery Joomla contact form. Compatible with Joomla 1.7, Joomla 1.6 and Joomla 1.5. The module allows you to make a call to action button is defined on your pages. When a visitor clicks the button, please contact a fancy pop-up opens with a nice layer presents the visitor with a form. The module uses jQuery noconflict mode and load the template, or other extensions and jQuery, you can disable the loading of jQuery.

Choice of 10 colors of the buttons call the forms of action button. All you have to do is, the colors in the item-level parameters, green, blue, yellow, Breen, magenta, red, white, orange, gray, black.

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★ Announcing the long awaited delivery Joomla contact form. Compatible with Joomla 1.7, Joomla 1.6 and Joomla 1.5. The module for all

Option to set a custom title for the Super Contact All single instances of each page, so if you have a list of directories as an example, you could "Tom Schneider," have their way with the title "Tom Schneider, and" Hard Harry has "his own title of his form.

Added a field telephone is not required to complete the form to be filed. It is optional for the visitor can decide whether or not to fill them.

Added option to set the width of the pop-ups to accommodate the placeholder words as they occur with some translations. I do not recommend more than 400 pixels.

The design uses advanced form validation and data presented in the forms of masking techniques is protected for security. You can form through the pages in relation to the initial form, the recipient by e-mail address in the text call to action buttons, text fields etc. have adjusted …

The field data forms are fully customizable, provided that the language and style of the language concerned, and this can also be configured in the configuration of the module parameters. This gives you more freedom to select a language file to be locked. There is an option to enable or disable the footer of e-mail that the recipient receives the footer of e-mails included in the browser, operating system, IP, and link the source in the form of, among others.

One could say that a company directory and allow each company to its own form or a blog application in which each author might have a contact form, or even products in a product catalog, where each element can be a contact or contact.

Super-contact is a spam-free form of validation and submission is being built, there is the fact that the shape is invisible spam robots, which prevents the automatic dispatch to form on your website. The form is not required and the way so if you need Captcha Captcha, this is not a solution for you. We have done extensive research and usability testing and accessibility, and this is the result of this study. The credit goes to Jason Lau for his help with free-spam techniques and how to harden.

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