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December 16th, 2011
özgür koca

Trombinoscope Extended, Contacts & Feedback,Contact Details

Trombisnoscope Extended is a component that shows a list of contacts in a picture-only or business card (vcard) style fashion.

The package includes a module, a menu item type for a full page view and a preset of skins and icons. All component and module instances are totally independant and are fully skinnable. Add your own skins and/or download extra sets as they become available.

It contains the following features from the Trombinoscope module:

– select one or more categories (if no category is selected, it uses the ‘uncategorised’ one) the contacts will be taken from,

Download Trombinoscope Extended Plugin


Trombisnoscope Extended is a component that shows a list of contacts in a picture-only or business card (vcard) style fashion.

set the maximum number of contacts to show (if nothing specified, it will show all contacts),
– show only the published contacts,
– set the alignment in which the picture is shown (possible to alternate left and right),
– the images do not ‘bleed’ out of the column (automatic size restriction),
– set the order of the contacts (ascending or descending order with names formatted as one or 2 words, which is great for contacts with firstname/lastname),
– set the view format of the name,
– show up to 7 fields from the contacts,
– show extra field (formatted address),
– set the contact link label to access the contact page. If no label is specified, will use the name as the link,
– the link to the contact page is optional,
– several options to format the information (empty fields, spaces when information is missing),
– fully css customizable,
– backend in English, French and Dutch (thanks to John Verheijen).

The extended version adds a multitude of improvements and additions:

– added missing contact fields (now includes links a to e),
added a theme (skin) selection. Themes can be added to the themes folder,
– added icon packs. New packs can be added in the icons folder. Icons and themes are independant for better customization,
– added the ability to set the card and picture widths and heights (the module has a card width of 100%),
– added the option to show labels or icons to every field and label to the name,
– there are default labels, but personalized ones can be added (as contact fields are sometimes used for other meaningful information),
– links a through e labels are set in the following order of priority (higher to low): Trombinoscope parameter / contact’s label / contact’s global parameter label / social label (if it is a social link recognized) / ‘link’ label,
– added a floating element that can contain up to 5 links (email, webpage and links a through e),
– added a floating element that shows when the contact is featured,
– added pagination to the page view and the possibility to set the number of contacts per page to a fixed number,
– fixed some issues with linking to the contact page,
– improved the selection of the default picture: if a contact picture is not set, it will first use the trombinoscope default picture. When missing, will use the default image set in the contact’s global parameters. On last resort, it will use the defa

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