Vertical drop menu for RedSHOP Plugin

September 15th, 2011
özgür koca

RedShop vertical menu extensions RedShop specific extension,

Navigation has never been so much fun

This powerful drop-down menu can display their RedShop categories and products, or just the categories. So with a single click you can navigate anywhere within your online store.

To facilitate customer purchases

For visitors it is very important to just the contents of your online store, so you need to organize your categories and products in a logical structure. A well-structured business means a lot, but a user-friendly menu and easy to use, it is necessary. Drop-down menus are very popular all over the world so you should not miss on your site. This menu system professionals fulfill their desires at all. In addition to a sophisticated and aesthetic menu gives more confidence to their customers.

Vertical menu RedShop Download Plugin

Latest version.

Navigation has never been so much fun

This powerful drop-down menu allows you RedShop your categories and products, or just

Suitable for almost all templates

You can easily the menu in a few minutes to perfect effect. There are many different topics and each topic has a lot of skins, so I'm sure you find the right look.

Feature List

+ Easy to use

Display of submenus is fast and spectacular +

+ Unlimited levels deep

+ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to support

+ There is no conflict with other JavaScript engines

+ Simple Style

+ The latest Web 2.0 technologies

+ Easy to implement

+ Compatible with LTR / RTL languages

Smart Positioning submenu

It is my nightmare, when a submenu is larger than the available space and you have to scroll down to see, but the movement is a bit difficult when you have to keep the cursor on the submenu. It's finally over! This menu shows your Allways submenus in the right place.

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