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September 24th, 2011
özgür koca

About the Show Virtuemart products, the expansion-specific extensions, VirtueMart, Virtuemart Product

The official demo-page VirtueMart shop uses our extensions

and therefore it is also our product demo.

Show the last – chance – Highlights – Top – New – Products personalized with a single module

This module combines the properties of many known VirtueMart modules and is stronger than all of them for themselves. They will focus on the decision criteria for the classification of products, and the choice of the number of products shown and the number per line. It is up to you to decide whether you just want the filter to the products of a particular category to ensure that only you can the products to see indeed belong to this category.

Download Virtuemart plugin on all products

Latest version.

The official test page VirtueMart shop uses our extensions
and therefore it is also our product demo.

No Show

Upon request, our inventory control module from the display of the products. Therefore, you can be sure that you are no products that are not in stock.

To the most recently visited products, you can create a text message in text or HTML format. Therefore, the content of this module is not empty when a new perspective that has not clicked on their products visit their website.

In addition to questions VirtueMart default, this module also supports its own theme, which can be found on our website. If you already have your own theme, you can be sure that the color and design perfectly suited to our virtuemart theme.

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